About Us

Reality Modelling - creating effective, usable, 3D visual content

Reality Modelling was founded in 1998 and since then, we have been proud to have been chosen to supply and work closely with over 50 top level companies. We are known for our ability to get the best from a visual system, with an uncomplicated, flexible and open approach, always, with the aim to deliver the best visuals possible and always within budget and schedule.

We have a wide range of visual modelling experience and can assist in a range of 3D virtual content development and visualisation tasks for areas such as, Real-time simulation and VR plus a range of other interactive 3D technologies.

Some of the types of projects we have been involved in are:

  • 3D Models – We supply individual models and features, for use at all levels of computer graphics systems
  • Maritime – 3D environments created for Navigation training, harbour construction, accident recreation plus, individual vessels and feature models
  • Aircraft – Airport and terrain creation. Aircraft evacuation training. 3D vehicle and feature models
  • Television – Award winning courtroom recreations (with SKY news), 3D models for TV usage
  • Railways – 3D synthetic environments for driver simulation training, planning, construction, signal sighting, training video content, plus vehicle and feature models
  • Architectural – 2D and 3D creations for building design, planning consent and full walk through visualisations
  • Driving – Research and development synthetic environments for both civilian and, military driver training. The supply of vehicles, feature models and texture libraries, for automatic terrain creation
  • VR, AR – Supplying any of the above converted or designed to run in a range of formats.

Our visual content is in use on a wide and varied range of visual systems types. Because of this, we are used to creating content specific to each individual system, with their own unique properties, with all works being optimised and configured, so as to ensure smooth, efficient and effective performance.

We are always happy to quote for work and would be pleased to hear from you, whether it be to supply just a single model or a complete project. We are also happy to act as additional assistance to your own modelling team or supply something from our extensive libraries of vehicles, features and environments.

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