The company specialises in creating 3D visual content and with our wide range of visual modelling experience we can assist in a range of tasks such as –

  • The creation of complete synthetic 3D environments both large and small, such as our most recent London Crossrail projects, MPADS missile system training areas and London Thames Tideway, tug crew training projects
  • Supplying individual models, i.e. vehicles, trees, buildings etc. Either built to order or supplied from the large in house library. We create models covering a wide range of types from high content objects suited for the latest top level simulation and VR visual systems, through to low and very low polygon content terrains and models
  • To update older scenes, making them run faster, look better and get the best from the visual system they’re on. Rather than fully recreate an area and all that goes with that in other software areas, we can take models and terrains that exist and using the latest capacities, improve how they look and run
  • To supply complete feature and texture libraries, often used in the creation of large area, automatically created terrain projects
  • Creating test and demonstration visual projects
  • Assisting in the definition of data requirements and the organising and gathering of that data
  • Assisting internal modelling teams.

Our visual content is in use on a wide and varied range of visual systems types, with all works being optimised and configured, so as to ensure the best visuals with smooth, efficient performance.